tips on choosing wall decorations

To beautify your home space enough to choose what fits wall hangings. In a good selection of wall hangings should also be adjusted by Bebeberapa aspects that support it. Leaving a blank wall without the wall hanging will make the room feel empty. Well to add a wonderful impression on the walls, it helps us use some tips for choosing a beautiful wall decoration as below:
Adjust the room
Choose a wall decoration that suits your room, or you can choose the ideal place to put trsebut painting. Do not put a big painting the walls can meet the needs Balance is the size of something in your room.
Not to be expensive
Stop assume display wall hangings require an expensive budget. Maybe you think wall hangings least expensive form of paintings and works of famous artists, but not all art should be associated with costly goods. You can likewise select a painting that is cheaper but still unique and attractive. No need original paintings, prints and paintings quite a display with a unique frame.
Choose according to taste

Choose according to your heart's desire, not many people are fooled by that, so just follow the trend of fashion moment. Choose a wall decoration in accordance with the actual characteristics of your soul.
Customize the theme
Customize the theme of the house, if you are ethnic-style house with statues and motifs of traditional rugs, wall hangings good choose also similar. Choose the wall hangings are also able to evoke mood and make you more calm and comfortable when they are at home.


Decorate the house with miniature transportation

For some people  home can reflect his personality. For example, if his house there are many accessories toys for children can be interpreted that the inhabitants have a concern or a lover of children. thus home accessories is very important especially for those upper middle class.

Not only describe the personality, home accessories can also describe the hobby. For people who like to collect miniature vehicle accessories can be interpreted that the person has a hobby vehicle.

Many miniature transportation equipment commonly used for house accesories for example airplane miniature, a large motors miniature, trucks miniature, trains miniature and others like the picture below.

There are many products ranging from miniature to large scale up to very little. The price also varies, there are cheap and there is also an expensive depending on the complexity of the miniature and the materials used.

Stout local craftsmen who make these miniature craft of which is Ozi Aircraft Models of the village of Kampung Cangkrang Cikarawang
Darmaga subdistricts in Bogor District
Tel 0251-422059
What the miniatur do you like?


Tip to Cleaning the carpet

Carpet is often used by people to beautify a room. Normally the room is carpeted too impressed warm and comfortable. But if not treated, the carpet becomes quickly dull and not pretty anymore. Worse, the carpet is not cleaned often become a den of germs and mite allergens. The smell is stale anyway.

The following are ways to treat the carpet to look stay beautiful, clean and not easily damaged.
  1. Use a vacuum cleaner (vacuum cleaner) to clean the carpets at least 3 times a week. 
  2. The carpet is washed with special soap to carpet at least 6 months. If feels too heavy to wash yourself, you could put carpet to laundry services. 
  3. Reposition the carpet 2-3 months so the parts often stepped on or bypassed people can change positions. Also Part of this is to prevent the carpet becomes faster faded from too much sun exposure than other parts. 
  4. Musty smell in the carpet can be resolved to sprinkle a little baking soda into the carpet. Wait 30 minutes, and then cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. 
  5. To cope with a sharper smell, wash the part that smells with 20% vinegar mixed with 80% water. Use a clean cloth dampened with a solution of vinegar water earlier. Not recommended rubbing the area with a brush. Odor stains should be cleaned. The longer the stain stick is more difficult to clean. 
  6. Especially for new carpet. When newly installed carpet or spread on the floor, sort of floating dust. When inhaled, this dust can cause eye irritation, scratchy throat and even dizziness in some people. To fix this, before the carpet was sent to our home, ask the carpet store to clean / vacuuming the carpet.
  7. At the time of installing the carpet, especially carpet fitted coat the entire floor of the room, keep the ventilation in the room was really good. If you need to open all doors and windows, after the carpet is installed, you should not use the room for at least 72 hours.
I hope this tip is useful for you all.
Excerpted from various sources


Carpet is not just footwear

For the laity, the carpet is probably not a primary requirement. Carpet only be a ceramic base that was held in the family room or home decor that was held in the living room so the room more beautiful. However, for upper-middle-class society, carpet or rug is an important item that must be held to complement the interior design of the house.

Not exclusively made from wool carpet manufacturer's results with standard motifs, like flowers. It turns out carpets made from spun or knitted wool fleece original with a unique motif more hunted the top circles. Carpets are made of material that feels more comfortable when we touch compared to the carpet factory engine results.

Talk rug, certainly imagine about the motive. Abstract flower motif and a motif that lay encountered. In general, the carpet pattern divided into two types, namely classical and modern. Classical motifs usually have lots of decorations. This can be seen in carpets from Persia, from floral motifs, geometric, until a combination of motives. The modern motifs look more simple, just a mix of lines and colors more assertive.

As the movement mode and time, carpet texture also varied. Not just with trimmed surfaces, carpets developed. Start with the carpet rolled feathers, curly, up to a combination of both. And most recently was the carpet with curly hair texture, length, and dense. This type of carpet was soft to the touch.

About the price, each carpet is different, depending on the species. Carpet with wool or silk spun much more expensive than factory-made results. In addition to manufacturing a long time, handmade carpets more unique and different. In Jakarta, for example, handmade carpets priced at Rp 2 million to hundreds of million rupiah. Well, you want to enhance your home with beautiful rug?

Batik rug

Modern rugs have a variety of motives. There are traditional motifs to modern motifs futuristic style. Each motif has different market segmen.

Although there are many modern motifs, but the traditional motifs are still widely used for the carpet pattern. Even for a motif that is very rare and very traditional would have a very high economic value. An example is the motif.

Batik Rug

Batik motif which is a traditional motif of Indonesia has been widely recognized by the international community. There are many of the designers who use batik to for their work. Batik can be works of art and entered the ranks of the world's elite fashion motif. As well in the carpet pattern, the wealth of different batik motifs can be used as a variety of carpet pattern. Almost every region in Indonesia has its own motives and characteristics of these motives. Starting from the Batik of Sumatran, Java batik even Papua. With a combination of colors and decorations as well, the carpet with the motif will be one of the valuable collection to decorate your room.


Handmade rug or machinemade rug

Why do you prefer a handmade rugs compared to machine made? The reason is the quality and beauty.
1. handmade rug is more durable than machine-made rugs. If treated properly, handmade rugs can last up to hundreds of years.
2. Getting to know the age of handmade rugs, it will look more beautiful.
3. Handmade rugs with a pattern of painting has a high artistic value. So the price is more expensive
     Hand made rugs are not perfect. It is normal for a hand made Rug to be a little bit Crooked, or have imperfections in the design, or even in the case of the tribal rugs, inconsistency in the shades of colors Used. This adds to Their charm and beauty, specially, in the case of tribal Rugs. As Nomads travel, They can not always match the shades. This tells us a bit of the history of the rug as to how many times the tribe stopped and resumed traveling while making this particular Rug.
1. EACH hand made Persian Rug is unique Because of those flaws.
2. Hand made rugs cans be repaired. If for any reason the damage is big, an entire section be rewoven cans or knotted, Thus restoring its old beauty.
3. Hand made Persian Rugs is vegetable dyed. That is why They have those vibrant colors.
4. A hand knotted or woven Rug cans Easily changed from a heirloom.
5. A hand made rug is the combination of beauty, function and value.
6. A hand made Rug is the pride of its owners.
Why not to buy a machine made rug if you cans afford to buy an authentic hand made Persian Rug?
1. They are mass produced.
2. They are perfect symmetry in design.
3. Machine Made Rugs are not Crooked as They are tightly pulled by the machine. However, They do not have the charm and warmth of a hand made Rug.
4. Machine made rugs are usually made of synthetic materials but you cans find Some That Are Made of wool.
5. Machine made rugs are mass produced and They are not unique. Thousands of rugs of the Same design look exactly the Same.
6. The dye is Used on machine made rugs is made of chemical products.
7. They ware off very Quickly compare to Persian hand made rugs.
8. They cans not be repaired therefore, can never changed from a heirloom.


natural area rugs

Natural area rug is rug made with heavy plant or animal. In the manufacture of natural rugs that do not use synthetic materials in the production process that can leave harmful environmental waste. By using natural rugs it means that we have been supporting the “Go Green Program”.

Natural Area Rugs is the main source of contemporary rugs and soft natural fiber floor coverings in the U.S. With more than 30 years in the rug industry, natural carpet has become a global success in importing, producing and selling high-quality rug with natural fibers.

Natural Sisal Area Rugs

Fibers in the Sisal rug comes from the agave, a cactus found in South America and Africa. The sisal comes from the cactus is very smooth after it spun into yarn, make a soft material to be touched by your skin.

Sisal Rug offers additional advantages such as the fire resistant and anti-static. They also vacuum quite easy, though derived from plants. Finally, they absorb the sound quality is useful if you want to change the music a notch louder. To clean the sisal is not the case of natural fiber carpet crowd.

Seaweed Natural Area Rugs

As well as sisal rugs seaweed rug will be fine after the turn into the carpet. In addition, this fiber is very durable and highly resistant to stains. This means that even after the spill, the carpet will retain its natural color.

Natural Jute Area Rugs

Derived from Indian hemp plant, which grows quite easily. This is why in the world jute rugs remain popular throughout the ages. Even current hemp carpet comes from an ancient design that gives the bedroom or living room a touch of class history.

Another advantage of the Natural Area Rugs are including softness and durability, making the carpet Jute perfect choice for medium traffic areas. In addition, the material can be bleached into different colors, giving you several design options. Other natural carpet does not offer as much flexibility, as often times you're forced to work with natural dye material.

One of the major decorations in addition to the natural way that helps the environment but also to everyone in the house.


choosing the dining chair

In the dining chairs you choose should be to imply that you would sit there every time you eat so you will choose to eat the best seats and most comfortable for you. However, with so many options out there, how do you make a choice that's right for you? Tips below will help you in choosing the right chair for your dining room.

First, you need to know how many seats you need to get. This will be determined by how big your table, or how many people are there in your family. Make sure that you buy a chair that does not disrupt your cash flow. In addition you should consider a chair outside the room so that you choose according to your dining room.

Next, you should consider whether you want plain without any chair seat, or seats with lining. Remember that the coating may be colored by the food quite easily, and things like red wine may not be washed away if you accidentally pour in on your chair. An advice is if you have small children around the house; get some regular seats for the prevention of the stained. They are often easier to clean and will not leave a mess, not like the chairs lining. They are also often much cheaper and affordable.

Another thing to consider is the height of the chair. You need to sit in a chair, and make sure that your feet can rest comfortably on the floor without feeling uncomfortable. This ensures that relax your body and your body's seats are not subject to unnecessary stress or discomfort.

You also need to consider the types of materials used for your seat. There are many ingredients that made the chair, including wood, metal, rattan, acrylic etc materials you need to get will depend on your dining room decor. If you have a view of classic wood, consider getting some wooden chairs that fit. If your dining room has a contemporary design, you need to get some good metal chairs to go with him. To see the rural areas, consider for a seat cane, because they will fit straight into whatever you do, remember to always compare prices in different stores to get the best deals.


Oriental Rug

Structure of oriental rugs design is usually patterned flower, designs that show the ancient kings of their homes, the beauty of nature in the form of rectangles, ovals and boxes. Oriental rug consist of Persian rug, Afghan rugs, India rug, Pakistan and rugs Caucasian rugs. Usually the color factor is very important when you're designing a house with carpet. Color factor is strongly influenced by the taste so it does not hurt you to ask for opinions from other residents in choosing colors. By listening to the opinions of other residents, you will be easier to decorate your home. Ensure the selection of colors that match other items in your home such as curtains, furniture, walls, etc.

Buyers who want to shop for oriental rugs have a variety of rugs that can be selected according to the preference of his own design, texture, color and shape. Oriental rug design limit, that you decided to be eye catching and should consist of the minutes of beautiful artwork, a beautiful border to enhance the overall design of the best ways. Especially when deciding on the Oriental rug, you should make your mind where you want to put Oriental rugs in your home. It would be nice to have it in the most significant in your home as you first have to think to put it in the living room of your home as people visit this place first. Decorating the house with the traditional way is very popular today and those who enjoy decorating the house with different expressive styles to try oriental carpets, because this design can actually improve the overall appearance of your home to the largest limit. In the end I would say that, carefully go to find the market before paying for oriental carpets, consider price, quality, characteristic, durability, because it is expensive and will become part of your home for a long time


how to choose a rug

So I've decided that you want to buy a carpet, but do not know what type of carpet works best for you and the environment in which it is placed, or maybe you know the type of carpet you want, but it is difficult to choose design. The following is intended as a practical guide to help you find a problem that may or may not be taken into account when choosing the carpet.

Space and Environment For Your Rug
Space and environment are key issues to consider when it comes to choosing the carpet, have you thought enough about the space that will impact the designs and chose to have the room?

possibility is that it has been thought, but not fully into account. Carpets can open or make the room look a lot more welcoming. Depending on the atmosphere, look and feel like you do, there are several key elements of computing. To create a feeling of spaciousness and bright colors and simple designs are the way forward.

Light colors and simple design to create an incredible sense of development and very open, but if you want to make a cozy room and a dark carpet, and more decorative patterns or solids tend to work better. Hotel on the right are two huge carpets with decorative pattern to create a compact space seem more comfortable. Most traditional rug lend themselves well to work with the ornamental pattern of solid, but there is a modern effective carpet will make the room more comfortable. Do not just traditional modern carpets if you want.

Believe it or not size, is one of the most important decisions to make when it comes to choosing your carpet. The wrong size can make a room look cluttered or too small. Carpets tend to come in standard sizes:

Small carpet of about three feet by five feet (90 cm x 150 cm) to about four feet by six feet (120cm x 180cm)

Medium size rugs up to about eight feet by five feet (240 cm x 150 cm)

large rugs up to about eleven feet (330 cm) with a higher classified as extra large.

Many rugs can be customized to the size you need, it is often more expensive and time consuming, but the results can be impressive and ultimately will provide the perfect carpet for the size of the area required. If you see a rug you like and you have to do in specific sizes so please check the calendar for the size of the collection to see if the sizes available, please contact us via e-mail or telephone us for a quote and more information.

In general, a small carpet tends to highlight small pieces of furniture, such as, for example, bed or coffee table, while a larger stretch tends to the dining room, living room and more space to another.

If you prefer to go with a standard size decorative, but not the size you need is often better to choose a standard size slightly larger than the size needed to choose the size is too short. Remember that most often can terse lit carpet under the furniture.

The best way to determine the size rug you need before making an order to put some pieces of paper on which you place your carpet and to keep down with tape. When you are satisfied with local newspaper to which you can record a full measure of the magnitude that looks better. Also bare in mind the area where the carpet will, for example, if you put the carpet to open the door you want the rug to go under the door, without causing obstruction. In fact, there is a lot worse than buy expensive carpets only to find that is to prevent the entry and exit to a room. Another thing to consider is to ensure that the carpet sticking out of the corner to the middle to open the door because they often can cause tripping.

When the focal point of your room? Furniture, fireplace or a carpet?
Find a focal point for the room can be very important when it comes to choosing the carpet. Rugs can draw attention to certain areas of a room, complementing the existing areas of interest in a room or even become the focal point of your account. They are very powerful and the tool can be used effectively to attract attention or reduce to or from certain areas of the room.

Focal Point Furniture
If for example the decoration and furniture around in this room is to be a focal point, then it is best to choose a rug that is soft and quiet, with little or no pattern or color of the carpet, in accordance with existing furniture. The soft colors and tones that work best for this plane with the carpet much better option. In some cases two or more small rugs can work better than a large rug.

Focal Point Cut
If the focal point of the room is a fireplace is usually best to choose a rug that quietly all-over pattern or normal carpet for environments that do not become a distraction.

Focal Point Rugs
If you choose a carpet is to be the focal point of the room, then it is best to choose a busy carpet, light or heavy in design and color, so call attention to it and attract the attention of the furniture and decor around. Carpet that becomes the focal point in the room worked best when the surrounding is decorated in neutral tones or soft, so it provides a framework to speak on behalf of the carpet to be works of art in relation to it.
In general, if two or more elements are to be competition for the focal point of the room and angry mood imbalances in it. This can be avoided with proper planning and placement. As a rule of thumb is often better to have a single focal point in the room, the carpet may be busy or the surrounding area can be busy. If all things in the room tends to create a lively atmosphere that is very restless.

Style, Texture and Color
A carpet can really change the room and can be used as a substitute decorate back or change the old carpet is worn. A carpet can take fresh look at your room or take a walk. Whatever your carpet is, things to remember is to always supplement the system of style and color of your room. For example, it would be inappropriate to the style of traditional Persian rugs with beautiful decorative designs in a room that was designed to have a modern and contemporary nautical feel to it, while at the same time, it would be useful to the Navajo rug in the room that Victoria tried to create the display. On the other hand, are encouraged to choose a carpet that reminds the sea for the maritime-themed room and the carpet with a design that complements European interest for the second.

In general, in terms of style and color scheme you choose a rug should complement the surrounding d├ęcor or theme of the room, but will be from a place and stick out like sore thumbs.

In terms of color, it is generally recommended to match a particular favorite color in the room as the color of your walls or curtains. No need to try and fit your carpet for all the colors in your room or vice versa. A good rule of thumb is that if the room is full of color, choose a neutral color for your carpet and if it is a very neutral room and then choose brightly colored carpets. Try using a powerful modern color to bring out the color scheme painted on the other side of the room. If you put the carpet in the strategic area of a room that fit a particular roof or wall color is really to start a room and its design come together.

textured carpet can add depth to otherwise flat space. A lot of shaggy rugs and texture can make the depth where the walls meet the flooring fine soft. You can break the monotony of the flow in a room, adding depth and interest, giving your room and body shape.

Wool or synthetic?
Whatever you say, all warehouses of wool carpets. This is because they come from a natural source of fiber. Most wool rugs to shed for a while because the loose fibers of wool carpets, but few have been known to shed for months or even longer. We have a wool carpet in the room was shedding that sat for over a year. For some time, we are concerned that just disappeared into anything, but not covered until half when I first bought it and seems to look even larger. If the carpet is shed is a very important factor in choosing the carpet, we recommend that you do not discriminate.

So you might wonder why people buy when they shed the wool carpet. Well, the answer is much more resistant wool, more durable than synthetic fibers and men respond better to color dyes, which absorb and retain better color. That's why you can often get a wool carpet and look like new friends while synthetics may be old and faded a bit. Wool is also naturally resistant to water, fire and stain resistant and dust mites. This is a big positive for people with allergies because they do not have allergies aggravated by dust mites. As well as wool, especially heat-resistant (resistant if not completely overexposed) and the trigger that makes it an ideal choice for decorative fireplaces.

The important factor or not so great, depending on whether you are shopping in the budget or is price. Wool is much more expensive than acrylic fibers / man of authenticity and durability.

In fact there are too many differences and nuances in the views of some synthetic carpets today. Synthetic fibers made even better now that sometimes we have to look very closely in order to say that acrylic is not wool.

Wool is and will probably remain the most popular choice for carpet for the existence of traditional and natural heritage in the majority of humanity to create the world. If you put your mat in an area that receives a large amount of traffic they have to recommend the wool for durability and natural resistance to stains.

There is no exact science to choosing the carpet, and we are all different in the sense that we all have different tastes and ideas about what is not going to work in a room. The above information is a broad view of what is known and what is not, as with everything there will always be instances in which the carpet against the above theory, the exception to the rule so to speak, but this is rare ever happens. We hope you find interesting and which helps optimize the choice of exceptional carpet you choose.


Rug Buying Guid

A little decoration or just change the layout of the living room, office or personal space will make everything look elegant and attractive. When you decide to change your decor, the one thing that you should not forget is your floor rug as a foothold.
 Rug are usually placed at the entrance of your home, office entrance and the receptionist who gave the impression of elegance and reflects the occupants of the room. Rugs are an important part of your home that has longevity and require special care to be more durable and not easy to look dull. Setting the location, design and color of the carpet must be adapted to other accessories in your room for everything terlihak compact.
When you decide to buy a carpet and you go to a carpet store, it is recommended you already have an idea of colors, designs, sizes and motifs which would you buy carpet. In addition, you also need to have reference to the price by way of browsing the Internet and compare from one store to another store.
Some tips in choosing the carpet are:
1. Carpet design, color and good design will create a simple carpet look more beautiful and attractive, this is closely related to your taste.
2. The size of rug you buy tailored to the needs of your room;
3. Compliance is the color of the carpet with walls and furniture in the room;
4. Hindarai the colors are too bright, because it will make the room look weird
To get the maximum results you can also use the services of interior designers as a giver of advice. In addition, you also directly asked the tuko foam carpet seller by submitting the data on the room where the carpet will be placed.