Carpet is not just footwear

For the laity, the carpet is probably not a primary requirement. Carpet only be a ceramic base that was held in the family room or home decor that was held in the living room so the room more beautiful. However, for upper-middle-class society, carpet or rug is an important item that must be held to complement the interior design of the house.

Not exclusively made from wool carpet manufacturer's results with standard motifs, like flowers. It turns out carpets made from spun or knitted wool fleece original with a unique motif more hunted the top circles. Carpets are made of material that feels more comfortable when we touch compared to the carpet factory engine results.

Talk rug, certainly imagine about the motive. Abstract flower motif and a motif that lay encountered. In general, the carpet pattern divided into two types, namely classical and modern. Classical motifs usually have lots of decorations. This can be seen in carpets from Persia, from floral motifs, geometric, until a combination of motives. The modern motifs look more simple, just a mix of lines and colors more assertive.

As the movement mode and time, carpet texture also varied. Not just with trimmed surfaces, carpets developed. Start with the carpet rolled feathers, curly, up to a combination of both. And most recently was the carpet with curly hair texture, length, and dense. This type of carpet was soft to the touch.

About the price, each carpet is different, depending on the species. Carpet with wool or silk spun much more expensive than factory-made results. In addition to manufacturing a long time, handmade carpets more unique and different. In Jakarta, for example, handmade carpets priced at Rp 2 million to hundreds of million rupiah. Well, you want to enhance your home with beautiful rug?