tips on choosing wall decorations

To beautify your home space enough to choose what fits wall hangings. In a good selection of wall hangings should also be adjusted by Bebeberapa aspects that support it. Leaving a blank wall without the wall hanging will make the room feel empty. Well to add a wonderful impression on the walls, it helps us use some tips for choosing a beautiful wall decoration as below:
Adjust the room
Choose a wall decoration that suits your room, or you can choose the ideal place to put trsebut painting. Do not put a big painting the walls can meet the needs Balance is the size of something in your room.
Not to be expensive
Stop assume display wall hangings require an expensive budget. Maybe you think wall hangings least expensive form of paintings and works of famous artists, but not all art should be associated with costly goods. You can likewise select a painting that is cheaper but still unique and attractive. No need original paintings, prints and paintings quite a display with a unique frame.
Choose according to taste

Choose according to your heart's desire, not many people are fooled by that, so just follow the trend of fashion moment. Choose a wall decoration in accordance with the actual characteristics of your soul.
Customize the theme
Customize the theme of the house, if you are ethnic-style house with statues and motifs of traditional rugs, wall hangings good choose also similar. Choose the wall hangings are also able to evoke mood and make you more calm and comfortable when they are at home.


Decorate the house with miniature transportation

For some people  home can reflect his personality. For example, if his house there are many accessories toys for children can be interpreted that the inhabitants have a concern or a lover of children. thus home accessories is very important especially for those upper middle class.

Not only describe the personality, home accessories can also describe the hobby. For people who like to collect miniature vehicle accessories can be interpreted that the person has a hobby vehicle.

Many miniature transportation equipment commonly used for house accesories for example airplane miniature, a large motors miniature, trucks miniature, trains miniature and others like the picture below.

There are many products ranging from miniature to large scale up to very little. The price also varies, there are cheap and there is also an expensive depending on the complexity of the miniature and the materials used.

Stout local craftsmen who make these miniature craft of which is Ozi Aircraft Models of the village of Kampung Cangkrang Cikarawang
Darmaga subdistricts in Bogor District
Tel 0251-422059
What the miniatur do you like?


Tip to Cleaning the carpet

Carpet is often used by people to beautify a room. Normally the room is carpeted too impressed warm and comfortable. But if not treated, the carpet becomes quickly dull and not pretty anymore. Worse, the carpet is not cleaned often become a den of germs and mite allergens. The smell is stale anyway.

The following are ways to treat the carpet to look stay beautiful, clean and not easily damaged.
  1. Use a vacuum cleaner (vacuum cleaner) to clean the carpets at least 3 times a week. 
  2. The carpet is washed with special soap to carpet at least 6 months. If feels too heavy to wash yourself, you could put carpet to laundry services. 
  3. Reposition the carpet 2-3 months so the parts often stepped on or bypassed people can change positions. Also Part of this is to prevent the carpet becomes faster faded from too much sun exposure than other parts. 
  4. Musty smell in the carpet can be resolved to sprinkle a little baking soda into the carpet. Wait 30 minutes, and then cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. 
  5. To cope with a sharper smell, wash the part that smells with 20% vinegar mixed with 80% water. Use a clean cloth dampened with a solution of vinegar water earlier. Not recommended rubbing the area with a brush. Odor stains should be cleaned. The longer the stain stick is more difficult to clean. 
  6. Especially for new carpet. When newly installed carpet or spread on the floor, sort of floating dust. When inhaled, this dust can cause eye irritation, scratchy throat and even dizziness in some people. To fix this, before the carpet was sent to our home, ask the carpet store to clean / vacuuming the carpet.
  7. At the time of installing the carpet, especially carpet fitted coat the entire floor of the room, keep the ventilation in the room was really good. If you need to open all doors and windows, after the carpet is installed, you should not use the room for at least 72 hours.
I hope this tip is useful for you all.
Excerpted from various sources


Carpet is not just footwear

For the laity, the carpet is probably not a primary requirement. Carpet only be a ceramic base that was held in the family room or home decor that was held in the living room so the room more beautiful. However, for upper-middle-class society, carpet or rug is an important item that must be held to complement the interior design of the house.

Not exclusively made from wool carpet manufacturer's results with standard motifs, like flowers. It turns out carpets made from spun or knitted wool fleece original with a unique motif more hunted the top circles. Carpets are made of material that feels more comfortable when we touch compared to the carpet factory engine results.

Talk rug, certainly imagine about the motive. Abstract flower motif and a motif that lay encountered. In general, the carpet pattern divided into two types, namely classical and modern. Classical motifs usually have lots of decorations. This can be seen in carpets from Persia, from floral motifs, geometric, until a combination of motives. The modern motifs look more simple, just a mix of lines and colors more assertive.

As the movement mode and time, carpet texture also varied. Not just with trimmed surfaces, carpets developed. Start with the carpet rolled feathers, curly, up to a combination of both. And most recently was the carpet with curly hair texture, length, and dense. This type of carpet was soft to the touch.

About the price, each carpet is different, depending on the species. Carpet with wool or silk spun much more expensive than factory-made results. In addition to manufacturing a long time, handmade carpets more unique and different. In Jakarta, for example, handmade carpets priced at Rp 2 million to hundreds of million rupiah. Well, you want to enhance your home with beautiful rug?