natural area rugs

Natural area rug is rug made with heavy plant or animal. In the manufacture of natural rugs that do not use synthetic materials in the production process that can leave harmful environmental waste. By using natural rugs it means that we have been supporting the “Go Green Program”.

Natural Area Rugs is the main source of contemporary rugs and soft natural fiber floor coverings in the U.S. With more than 30 years in the rug industry, natural carpet has become a global success in importing, producing and selling high-quality rug with natural fibers.

Natural Sisal Area Rugs

Fibers in the Sisal rug comes from the agave, a cactus found in South America and Africa. The sisal comes from the cactus is very smooth after it spun into yarn, make a soft material to be touched by your skin.

Sisal Rug offers additional advantages such as the fire resistant and anti-static. They also vacuum quite easy, though derived from plants. Finally, they absorb the sound quality is useful if you want to change the music a notch louder. To clean the sisal is not the case of natural fiber carpet crowd.

Seaweed Natural Area Rugs

As well as sisal rugs seaweed rug will be fine after the turn into the carpet. In addition, this fiber is very durable and highly resistant to stains. This means that even after the spill, the carpet will retain its natural color.

Natural Jute Area Rugs

Derived from Indian hemp plant, which grows quite easily. This is why in the world jute rugs remain popular throughout the ages. Even current hemp carpet comes from an ancient design that gives the bedroom or living room a touch of class history.

Another advantage of the Natural Area Rugs are including softness and durability, making the carpet Jute perfect choice for medium traffic areas. In addition, the material can be bleached into different colors, giving you several design options. Other natural carpet does not offer as much flexibility, as often times you're forced to work with natural dye material.

One of the major decorations in addition to the natural way that helps the environment but also to everyone in the house.

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