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So I've decided that you want to buy a carpet, but do not know what type of carpet works best for you and the environment in which it is placed, or maybe you know the type of carpet you want, but it is difficult to choose design. The following is intended as a practical guide to help you find a problem that may or may not be taken into account when choosing the carpet.

Space and Environment For Your Rug
Space and environment are key issues to consider when it comes to choosing the carpet, have you thought enough about the space that will impact the designs and chose to have the room?

possibility is that it has been thought, but not fully into account. Carpets can open or make the room look a lot more welcoming. Depending on the atmosphere, look and feel like you do, there are several key elements of computing. To create a feeling of spaciousness and bright colors and simple designs are the way forward.

Light colors and simple design to create an incredible sense of development and very open, but if you want to make a cozy room and a dark carpet, and more decorative patterns or solids tend to work better. Hotel on the right are two huge carpets with decorative pattern to create a compact space seem more comfortable. Most traditional rug lend themselves well to work with the ornamental pattern of solid, but there is a modern effective carpet will make the room more comfortable. Do not just traditional modern carpets if you want.

Believe it or not size, is one of the most important decisions to make when it comes to choosing your carpet. The wrong size can make a room look cluttered or too small. Carpets tend to come in standard sizes:

Small carpet of about three feet by five feet (90 cm x 150 cm) to about four feet by six feet (120cm x 180cm)

Medium size rugs up to about eight feet by five feet (240 cm x 150 cm)

large rugs up to about eleven feet (330 cm) with a higher classified as extra large.

Many rugs can be customized to the size you need, it is often more expensive and time consuming, but the results can be impressive and ultimately will provide the perfect carpet for the size of the area required. If you see a rug you like and you have to do in specific sizes so please check the calendar for the size of the collection to see if the sizes available, please contact us via e-mail or telephone us for a quote and more information.

In general, a small carpet tends to highlight small pieces of furniture, such as, for example, bed or coffee table, while a larger stretch tends to the dining room, living room and more space to another.

If you prefer to go with a standard size decorative, but not the size you need is often better to choose a standard size slightly larger than the size needed to choose the size is too short. Remember that most often can terse lit carpet under the furniture.

The best way to determine the size rug you need before making an order to put some pieces of paper on which you place your carpet and to keep down with tape. When you are satisfied with local newspaper to which you can record a full measure of the magnitude that looks better. Also bare in mind the area where the carpet will, for example, if you put the carpet to open the door you want the rug to go under the door, without causing obstruction. In fact, there is a lot worse than buy expensive carpets only to find that is to prevent the entry and exit to a room. Another thing to consider is to ensure that the carpet sticking out of the corner to the middle to open the door because they often can cause tripping.

When the focal point of your room? Furniture, fireplace or a carpet?
Find a focal point for the room can be very important when it comes to choosing the carpet. Rugs can draw attention to certain areas of a room, complementing the existing areas of interest in a room or even become the focal point of your account. They are very powerful and the tool can be used effectively to attract attention or reduce to or from certain areas of the room.

Focal Point Furniture
If for example the decoration and furniture around in this room is to be a focal point, then it is best to choose a rug that is soft and quiet, with little or no pattern or color of the carpet, in accordance with existing furniture. The soft colors and tones that work best for this plane with the carpet much better option. In some cases two or more small rugs can work better than a large rug.

Focal Point Cut
If the focal point of the room is a fireplace is usually best to choose a rug that quietly all-over pattern or normal carpet for environments that do not become a distraction.

Focal Point Rugs
If you choose a carpet is to be the focal point of the room, then it is best to choose a busy carpet, light or heavy in design and color, so call attention to it and attract the attention of the furniture and decor around. Carpet that becomes the focal point in the room worked best when the surrounding is decorated in neutral tones or soft, so it provides a framework to speak on behalf of the carpet to be works of art in relation to it.
In general, if two or more elements are to be competition for the focal point of the room and angry mood imbalances in it. This can be avoided with proper planning and placement. As a rule of thumb is often better to have a single focal point in the room, the carpet may be busy or the surrounding area can be busy. If all things in the room tends to create a lively atmosphere that is very restless.

Style, Texture and Color
A carpet can really change the room and can be used as a substitute decorate back or change the old carpet is worn. A carpet can take fresh look at your room or take a walk. Whatever your carpet is, things to remember is to always supplement the system of style and color of your room. For example, it would be inappropriate to the style of traditional Persian rugs with beautiful decorative designs in a room that was designed to have a modern and contemporary nautical feel to it, while at the same time, it would be useful to the Navajo rug in the room that Victoria tried to create the display. On the other hand, are encouraged to choose a carpet that reminds the sea for the maritime-themed room and the carpet with a design that complements European interest for the second.

In general, in terms of style and color scheme you choose a rug should complement the surrounding d├ęcor or theme of the room, but will be from a place and stick out like sore thumbs.

In terms of color, it is generally recommended to match a particular favorite color in the room as the color of your walls or curtains. No need to try and fit your carpet for all the colors in your room or vice versa. A good rule of thumb is that if the room is full of color, choose a neutral color for your carpet and if it is a very neutral room and then choose brightly colored carpets. Try using a powerful modern color to bring out the color scheme painted on the other side of the room. If you put the carpet in the strategic area of a room that fit a particular roof or wall color is really to start a room and its design come together.

textured carpet can add depth to otherwise flat space. A lot of shaggy rugs and texture can make the depth where the walls meet the flooring fine soft. You can break the monotony of the flow in a room, adding depth and interest, giving your room and body shape.

Wool or synthetic?
Whatever you say, all warehouses of wool carpets. This is because they come from a natural source of fiber. Most wool rugs to shed for a while because the loose fibers of wool carpets, but few have been known to shed for months or even longer. We have a wool carpet in the room was shedding that sat for over a year. For some time, we are concerned that just disappeared into anything, but not covered until half when I first bought it and seems to look even larger. If the carpet is shed is a very important factor in choosing the carpet, we recommend that you do not discriminate.

So you might wonder why people buy when they shed the wool carpet. Well, the answer is much more resistant wool, more durable than synthetic fibers and men respond better to color dyes, which absorb and retain better color. That's why you can often get a wool carpet and look like new friends while synthetics may be old and faded a bit. Wool is also naturally resistant to water, fire and stain resistant and dust mites. This is a big positive for people with allergies because they do not have allergies aggravated by dust mites. As well as wool, especially heat-resistant (resistant if not completely overexposed) and the trigger that makes it an ideal choice for decorative fireplaces.

The important factor or not so great, depending on whether you are shopping in the budget or is price. Wool is much more expensive than acrylic fibers / man of authenticity and durability.

In fact there are too many differences and nuances in the views of some synthetic carpets today. Synthetic fibers made even better now that sometimes we have to look very closely in order to say that acrylic is not wool.

Wool is and will probably remain the most popular choice for carpet for the existence of traditional and natural heritage in the majority of humanity to create the world. If you put your mat in an area that receives a large amount of traffic they have to recommend the wool for durability and natural resistance to stains.

There is no exact science to choosing the carpet, and we are all different in the sense that we all have different tastes and ideas about what is not going to work in a room. The above information is a broad view of what is known and what is not, as with everything there will always be instances in which the carpet against the above theory, the exception to the rule so to speak, but this is rare ever happens. We hope you find interesting and which helps optimize the choice of exceptional carpet you choose.

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