Rug Buying Guid

A little decoration or just change the layout of the living room, office or personal space will make everything look elegant and attractive. When you decide to change your decor, the one thing that you should not forget is your floor rug as a foothold.
 Rug are usually placed at the entrance of your home, office entrance and the receptionist who gave the impression of elegance and reflects the occupants of the room. Rugs are an important part of your home that has longevity and require special care to be more durable and not easy to look dull. Setting the location, design and color of the carpet must be adapted to other accessories in your room for everything terlihak compact.
When you decide to buy a carpet and you go to a carpet store, it is recommended you already have an idea of colors, designs, sizes and motifs which would you buy carpet. In addition, you also need to have reference to the price by way of browsing the Internet and compare from one store to another store.
Some tips in choosing the carpet are:
1. Carpet design, color and good design will create a simple carpet look more beautiful and attractive, this is closely related to your taste.
2. The size of rug you buy tailored to the needs of your room;
3. Compliance is the color of the carpet with walls and furniture in the room;
4. Hindarai the colors are too bright, because it will make the room look weird
To get the maximum results you can also use the services of interior designers as a giver of advice. In addition, you also directly asked the tuko foam carpet seller by submitting the data on the room where the carpet will be placed.

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