Batik rug

Modern rugs have a variety of motives. There are traditional motifs to modern motifs futuristic style. Each motif has different market segmen.

Although there are many modern motifs, but the traditional motifs are still widely used for the carpet pattern. Even for a motif that is very rare and very traditional would have a very high economic value. An example is the motif.

Batik Rug

Batik motif which is a traditional motif of Indonesia has been widely recognized by the international community. There are many of the designers who use batik to for their work. Batik can be works of art and entered the ranks of the world's elite fashion motif. As well in the carpet pattern, the wealth of different batik motifs can be used as a variety of carpet pattern. Almost every region in Indonesia has its own motives and characteristics of these motives. Starting from the Batik of Sumatran, Java batik even Papua. With a combination of colors and decorations as well, the carpet with the motif will be one of the valuable collection to decorate your room.

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  1. nie info sob.....semngat trs gan.

    komentar balik ya blogku sob

  2. Postingan yang bermanfaat sob, siapa bilang pake batik itu ketinggalan zaman, sekarang sudah banyak motif batik yang disesuaikan dengan perkembangan tren busana sekarang.

  3. i luv batik.. =)

  4. Warisan ASLI Indonesia. Mantab.
    Salam kenal sob/sist.
    Ditunggu kunjungannya.

  5. wah bagus juga nih kalu promosi kebudayaan lewat blogs....!

  6. Still remember when my kid drawn me a Batik for mother's day...


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