Decorate the house with miniature transportation

For some people  home can reflect his personality. For example, if his house there are many accessories toys for children can be interpreted that the inhabitants have a concern or a lover of children. thus home accessories is very important especially for those upper middle class.

Not only describe the personality, home accessories can also describe the hobby. For people who like to collect miniature vehicle accessories can be interpreted that the person has a hobby vehicle.

Many miniature transportation equipment commonly used for house accesories for example airplane miniature, a large motors miniature, trucks miniature, trains miniature and others like the picture below.

There are many products ranging from miniature to large scale up to very little. The price also varies, there are cheap and there is also an expensive depending on the complexity of the miniature and the materials used.

Stout local craftsmen who make these miniature craft of which is Ozi Aircraft Models of the village of Kampung Cangkrang Cikarawang
Darmaga subdistricts in Bogor District
Tel 0251-422059
What the miniatur do you like?