Handmade rug or machinemade rug

Why do you prefer a handmade rugs compared to machine made? The reason is the quality and beauty.
1. handmade rug is more durable than machine-made rugs. If treated properly, handmade rugs can last up to hundreds of years.
2. Getting to know the age of handmade rugs, it will look more beautiful.
3. Handmade rugs with a pattern of painting has a high artistic value. So the price is more expensive
     Hand made rugs are not perfect. It is normal for a hand made Rug to be a little bit Crooked, or have imperfections in the design, or even in the case of the tribal rugs, inconsistency in the shades of colors Used. This adds to Their charm and beauty, specially, in the case of tribal Rugs. As Nomads travel, They can not always match the shades. This tells us a bit of the history of the rug as to how many times the tribe stopped and resumed traveling while making this particular Rug.
1. EACH hand made Persian Rug is unique Because of those flaws.
2. Hand made rugs cans be repaired. If for any reason the damage is big, an entire section be rewoven cans or knotted, Thus restoring its old beauty.
3. Hand made Persian Rugs is vegetable dyed. That is why They have those vibrant colors.
4. A hand knotted or woven Rug cans Easily changed from a heirloom.
5. A hand made rug is the combination of beauty, function and value.
6. A hand made Rug is the pride of its owners.
Why not to buy a machine made rug if you cans afford to buy an authentic hand made Persian Rug?
1. They are mass produced.
2. They are perfect symmetry in design.
3. Machine Made Rugs are not Crooked as They are tightly pulled by the machine. However, They do not have the charm and warmth of a hand made Rug.
4. Machine made rugs are usually made of synthetic materials but you cans find Some That Are Made of wool.
5. Machine made rugs are mass produced and They are not unique. Thousands of rugs of the Same design look exactly the Same.
6. The dye is Used on machine made rugs is made of chemical products.
7. They ware off very Quickly compare to Persian hand made rugs.
8. They cans not be repaired therefore, can never changed from a heirloom.

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